About Us

We make finding unique items easy

TinFox is new, online shopping destination that makes it easy for people to find incredible handmade or vintage goods. We’re not a marketplace, and not everyone can sell their goods on Tin Fox. We take the guesswork out of finding amazing products by hand-picking every single designer we partner with.

What Does Tin Fox Sell?

We all share a passion for things that are meticulously made and hand-crafted. We’re open to selling just about anything, from clothing and furniture, to fine art and food, but we set the bar high with our strict criteria for anything we might offer on our site.

We call it our Seven Commandments of Perfection:

  1. Quality Above All Else- We only deal with well-crafted, handmade goods, or vintage products made with true quality.
  2. Completely Unique – Each product we feature for sale can’t be found anywhere else. Ever.
  3. Limited Edition – The products we sell are special editions, made exclusively for TinFox.
  4. Made Independently – We deal directly with designers and manufacturers. Nothing we offer is from a big company or brand.
  5. Customers and Creators Come First – Nothing comes before the happiness of our customers and product creators.

Born and Bred in Brooklyn, NY

We’re small, nimble, and completely self-funded. We currently operate out of New York City, and source products from all over the world.

Meet Our Team

Caitlin Evans
Co-Founder, Head of Sourcing
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Born and raised on a farm in New Hampshire, Caitlin has been creating things from hand nearly all her life. She graduated from the the Fashion Institute in NYC, and has since been a custom clothing designer and seamstress, working for companies as diverse as Givenchy and Macy’s.

Caitlin’s role at Tin Fox is working closely with our designers and vendors &mdash she is one herself. She also lends her unique taste for aesthetic and design to help pick which products we sell on Tin Fox.

Ross Popoff-Walker
Co-Founder, Head of Experience Design
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David West
Co-Founder, Head of Operations
[Dave’s Twitter] [Dave’s Linked In]
A Jack of all trades, and a master of them too, Dave is our fearless leader. He has the guts and follow-through to lead a startup, having been an Eagle Scout, and also leading multi-million dollar accounts at the famous Abrams Artists Agency

When not in charge of the day-to-day at Tin Fox, Dave is helping the rest of the team learn to ride motorcycles (he rides around on a Ducati Monster).